The best tools for watch repair hobby and profession – Part 1

The importance of subjecting your high quality watch to regular maintenance checkups is very imperative as it help prolong the life span of the watch. If you have ever bought any of the watches available at Then you will agree with me that they are definitely high quality watches that requires acute attention from the wearer. Unfortunately, such cannot be done without the right set of tools. With that said, there are different tools for literally any kind of trade and profession. For those that intend to make watch repairs and maintenance their trade, profession or hobby, there is definitely a whole lot of tools and apparatus out there that will make watch repairs and maintenance task easy fun and hassle free. On this page, we will be listing out and discussing some of the most important tools and apparatus that without, the job of repairing and servicing wrist watches will be very miserable and laborious.

Work space/Table: if you are planning to do watch maintenance and repairs as a profession, then I suggest that you get a watch work watch workbenchbench together with a decent florescent lamb that won’t be too harsh on the eye. This is important as it will reveal tiny and minute details within different watch casing when carrying out repairs. For those just doing this as an hobby, a flat, clean and smooth surface kitchen will do just fine for a start then as you become more experienced and gain confidence in working with different mechanism of watches, you will definitely want to get a work bench as well. Getting a watch workbench is imperative for the serious minded person because its design is done in such a way that it improves work efficiency and also allows for workmen to assume the right sitting posture while repairing watches. Another cool feature of a watch work bench is that it is equipped with drawers for storing tools and watch component parts that you are to accumulate with years of repairing and fixing different models and brands of watches.

screwdriver for watchScrew-Driver Sets: this is definitely a MUST have tool for any serious watch repairer out there. It is practically impossible to work with timepieces with a good collection of precision watchmakers screw driver sets. Resist the temptation of going for the cheap ones as they are not worth your money. In the long run it will cause you more trouble than good. So it is better to do a one-time investment into the good ones and enjoy a lifelong benefit. I major disadvantages of going for cheap ones is the fact that they are precision screw heads and thus will easily damage the screw heads found in many different watches.

Since it is not our intention to make this guide into a very long and lengthy page, we have decided to make this into different chapters. This is where the chapter one ends, thanks for reading and be sure to bookmark this page for a revisit to continue reading when the chapter 2 and possibly 3 is published.

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